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See what these 6 High School Football players did to help a woman in a bad situation…

A woman is thanking her lucky stars that when she needed assistance, it was nothing less than a group of athletic high school football players who just so happened to be passing by.

Together, they pooled their muscle to force open the woman’s car’s stuck door, allowing the rescuers to reach the seriously injured driver.

That morning, the Rome City Football Team was in full force, with teammates Treyvon Adams, 16, Antwion Carey, 16, Cesar Parker, 16, Messiah Daniels, 17, Tyson Brown, and 16-year-old Alto Moore all driving to school in Adam’s car or, in the case of Caesar, with their mothers.

As soon as they came across the damaged car, they acted quickly.

Adams told CNN, ‘We simply went as fast as we (could) to the lady and checked on her to see if she was alright. We could tell she was in pain since she was yelling at us for assistance.’

The car was severely disfigured and wrecked. Without stopping to think, the youths were able to force open the passenger door, but it wasn’t until later that they realized they needed to open the other door in order to get to her.

Adams added, ‘We used every muscle in our body.’ ‘We’re powerful and fairly large folks. We lift weights frequently because we play football, but (the door) was just severely twisted and broken. All of this transpired in a minute or so.’

The teenagers checked on the driver of the second car in the crash and then rescued the woman from the car before making their way back to class.

Adams acknowledged that the group had been receiving a lot of love and acclaim for their performance, which teachers believed they deserved and that the school had assisted in generating.

The school’s football squad tweeted in response to the incident, ‘PROUD of our MEN!’ At the end of the day, the teenagers acknowledged that while the praise was flattering, anyone would have done the same thing.

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