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After Man Starts Strumming A Few Chords On His Guitar, 18-Year-Old Parrot Amazingly Sings A Song Known By Millions

During the beginning of the pandemic, most of us found ourselves at home a lot more than we were used to. Unless you have a job that was considered “essential” during the lockdown phase of the pandemic (like a doctor, banker, or delivery driver), you may have started working from home, and you may have even taken up some new hobbies.

Frank Maglio Jr. and his wife Gina live in Florida with their pet parrot named Tico. Tico is an Amazon parrot who previously lived with an older British woman before the Maglios adopted him.

Frank has always enjoyed playing the guitar, but when the pandemic hit, he found himself strumming the strings more than usual. While he was strumming, Tico decided to make it a duet and started singing along.

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One day while Frank was strumming “Stairway to Heaven,” Tico started to sing along, and Gina pulled out her phone to start recording the unusual duet. The Maglios posted the video on Facebook, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Frank started a YouTube channel called Tico & The Man Frank Maglio where he posts videos of his duets with his pet parrot. The channel has over 250,000 subscribers. Frank also continues to post the videos on Facebook.

Viewers love Tico’s voice and have left comments saying just how much the happy videos have cheered them up on otherwise difficult days. For example, one person wrote, “I had a bad car accident in the past week. You guys have really cheered me up with Tico’s voice and your great guitar playing!! Thank you so much for this, I check out your channel regularly.”

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Another comment reads, “That birds Vibrato and ability to tone/pitch shift so quickly and so effortlessly is phenomenal! You and Tico are a magical duo! Keep it up guys, I love seeing this kind of content when I pop onto YouTube.”

Hear Tico and Frank before “Stairway to Heaven” for yourself in the video below.

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