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The family decided to dress up as superheroes and go to the hospital. Why and what happened next will surprise you

Although it is untrue that all superheroes wear capes, one family unquestionably does so in order to support a member who is through cancer treatment.

According to a statement on the Children’s Medical Center Foundation’s Facebook page, Leone Hernandez, 3, was identified as having the condition earlier this summer.

Leone was bleeding from the nose frequently. We initially thought it might have been caused by a fall he had while playing, so we took him to the doctor to get confirmation of this notion.

The nosebleeds were continuing despite the doctor’s assurances that there was nothing to worry about, according to Natalia, the boy’s mother. ‘Eventually, we realized what we were up against.’

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To give Leone the courage he needed to face all of the appointments and treatments he had coming up, Leone and his family started dressing up as superheroes.

Since then, the family has made it a point to wear their distinctive outfits each time they go to the hospital, and it’s almost become a tradition.

‘Leo’s perspective on the situation was significantly altered by the clothing. Additionally, they make the other kids in the hospital grin.

She continued by saying more. Children will sometimes say things like, ‘Look, mom, that’s Superman’.

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