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Donnie Wahlberg’s children aren’t interested in his fame after hi did this…

One of the most well-known music icons, Donnie Wahlberg relishes the attention that comes with being a famous person. The singer’s kids, especially his first son, don’t care about their father’s notoriety at all. Here are some specifics.

Mark Wahlberg, a well-known Hollywood icon, is a relation to Donnie Wahlberg. The former, though, is a celebrity in his own right. Donnie is a well-known singer, songwriter, and producer who was also a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Rock.

The starlet and his band have developed a following among music fans as a result of their numerous hits over the years. Despite his success and notoriety, Donnie has accomplished other fascinating things as well. The musician and his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey, are the proud parents of two sons.

When Alexander, the first son, was born in 1993, Donnie was only 23 years old. The songwriter was a bad guy at the time, but Alexander’s arrival altered everything and put the celebrity on the correct track. Donnie stated once:

“I know it sounds corny, but I began to live for him instead of for myself. It became more about my ability to support him and less about my legacy “.

After Alexander was born, Donnie seemed to be heading in the right direction. He wed Fey, and two years into their union the couple welcomed Elijah as their second child.

Donnie tried his best to be a wonderful parent, and the four of them had a happy life together. However, his fatherhood faced a significant test in 2008.

After nearly nine years of marriage, Fey filed for divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences. She was also asking for sole custody of their two kids, according to court filings.

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It was a challenging period for Donnie as he tried to maintain contact with his children. In the end, a Ventura County Courthouse handled an out-of-court settlement between the producer and his ex-wife.

The children of the former spouse are all adults now, more than ten years later. However, Alexander and Elijah are rarely spotted in public despite having a prominent celebrity like Donnie as their father, and there is a reason for that.

While many kids of famous parents will seize any chance to be in the spotlight, Donnie’s sons won’t. The reality program “Donnie Loves Jenny,” which stars the musician and his wife Jenny McCarthy, once featured Alexander and Elijah. The father of the children would later admit that the presence of so many cameras made his sons dislike the activity.

He said:”We handled it well. Just that our kids weren’t all that into it. They disliked having cameras present”.

The record producer added that if he and McCarthy were to make another reality show, it would be about them empty nesting as they couldn’t until the kids had left the house.

The actress recalled how Donnie made her cry one disastrous Christmas when he promised to pay for Evan’s college tuition.

In the end, Donnie’s children’s guiding principle was privacy, and the father of two accepted their requests. Even in a 2020 interview, Donnie took care to avoid mentioning his older son’s name or any other particulars since he knew Alexander would be upset.

But all Donnie could say about his son was that he liked music and played in a band. On the other hand, the singer maintained a certain level of seclusion while being a little more candid in talking about Elijah.

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The celebrity said that Elijah was a top student at his school during the interview with Jana Souskova, adding that at the time, he had gotten all As on his report card and just one B throughout his four years of school.

Donnie clearly loves his kids because of how well-heeled he talks about them in “Blue Bloods.” The music mogul made it clear that he would put his children’s needs ahead of his own during an interview with People Magazine. The lyrical genius claims:

“I don’t worry about death now, but if it came down to choosing between myself or one of my children, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Without a doubt. I’m leaving! That’s what parenting does to you: good-bye.

Until his children were born, Donnie claimed he could not comprehend why his parents were prepared to make such a sacrifice. The singer of “Bring Back the Time” welcomed a third son with McCarthy in addition to the two kids from his former marriage.
McCarthy’s autistic son from a previous marriage, Evan, has a bonus dad in Donnie after they were married, but the singer has always adored his stepson.

Donnie adopted Evan and treated him as his own from the start of his and his wife’s relationship. McCarthy once recounted a sweet act her husband had performed for Evan that had astounded her.

The actress reportedly broke down in tears when Donnie informed her he would pay for Evan’s college tuition one fateful Christmas, according to Page Six. McCarthy told the newspaper as follows:

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“I lost it because, you know, I was so afraid whether I would have enough money by the time he could go to college, and you know Wahlberg financed the bills and counseling, and we just had just met,” she said.

The actress was persuaded that Donnie was unique after seeing that good deed. She welcomed him into her and Evan’s lives, and she is glad she did.

Donnie and his stepson’s bond became stronger over time, making it simpler for him to incorporate Evan in his proposal plan.

McCarthy described how the proposal transpired, saying that she was having a weekend conversation with Donnie when Evan appeared from another room holding a card that said, “will.”

The autistic youngster entered the room once more and emerged moments later carrying a second “You” card. Evan came back a third time with the word “marry,” but it was spelled incorrectly. Then, wearing a shirt with the word “me” emblazoned prominently on it, Donnie left the room one last time with his stepson.

The model claimed it was an emotional time and she said yes! She and Donnie both started crying after what she said next. McCarthy explained:

We all started crying as Evan exclaimed, “I have another dad!” at that same moment.

After Donnie and McCarthy wed, the group formed a joyful family. After they got married, the singer and Evan bonded even more by engaging in enjoyable hobbies like frog catching. Nothing has altered a few years later because they are still closely bonded.