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This woman who was born without an arm, is an inspiration. Look what a virtuoso violinist she is (video)

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You don’t run into someone as inspiring as this woman every day. Despite her disabilities, Japanese violinist Manami Ito is a fantastic player.

The multi-talented Japanese musician is also a paralympic swimmer, a nurse, and a nurse assistant.

She competes in breaststroke and finished fourth in that event at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. She participated in the Paralympics in London in 2012 and placed eighth in the same event.

Manami, at 20 years old, lost her arm in a severe truck-related traffic collision in 2004. Anyone who loses an arm is devastated, whatever of age, but she worried that she would never be able to play the violin again.

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She can still play the instrument she loves because of a specially designed prosthetic arm.

Manami was well on her way to returning to her musical best after spending many hours practicing and finding motivation in athletes who utilize prosthetic limbs to accomplish remarkable feats.

She can be seen in the video up top singing ‘Thread,’ a song by Japanese singer-songwriter and radio personality Miyuki Nakajima.

The film was shot in Hygo Prefecture, Japan’s Takarazuka City General Welfare Center, in September 2018.

Manami had an appearance on James Corden’s reality talent competition show ‘The World’s Best,’where she gave a live violin performance.

All of the judges were in tears throughout her intensely emotional performance. The video of her audition is available below.

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I lost all hope, I quit school, and I didn’t leave the house for a year, she stated on the program.

My mother’s request that I ‘please play the violin again for me someday’ has stayed with me all these years. I can’t wait for people to pay attention to me.

James Corden referred to her as ‘the miracle violinist’ after her performance. Manami is said to be the country’s first nurse to wear a prosthetic arm.


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