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This woman gave birth for the first time at 50. What happened before that will blow your mind

50-year-old British woman Louise Unford tried to have a child for 16 years.

The woman has performed IVF more than once because her husband performed a vasectomy during the previous marriage after the birth of the first child.

Donor cells were used for artificial insemination. However, the woman had a miscarriage in the first trimester.

Doctors could not find an explanation for this.

This was a real tragedy for the woman. He barely found the strength to live.She could not fulfill her cherished dream of becoming a mother.

Louisa despaired, she could no longer hold her child in her arms.

However, a meeting with a doctor, Hasan Shehat, changed his life.The woman decided to try IVF for the last time.

Amazingly, everything went well. Louisa was able to carry the baby. Will’s beautiful baby was born by C-section.

The baby was perfectly healthy and the mother was doing very well. Luisa is happy to have become a mother, now she has a complete family.

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