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With the support of her husband and kids Christina Applegate overcame many obstacles in life. The actress once altered her way of life for her daughter, who to her meant ‘everything.’

Christina Applegate turned 51 on November 25, 2022, and she was surrounded by her loving family for the occasion.

The actress had fought through a lot to get to that point, so it meant a lot that she had finally made it.

Three of these were having a double mastectomy, beating cancer, and being diagnosed with MS.

Despite her health problems, nothing could diminish the star’s love and pride in her daughter, Sadie Grace LeNoble.

It was the actress’s second husband, Martyn LeNoble, who she entrusted with the care of their daughter, Sadie.

After Applegate’s divorce from Johnathon Schaech, the ‘Dead to Me’ star and the music band’s founder started dating.In 2001, she wed Shaech, and they split up in 2007.

Applegate began dating bass musician Martyn in 2009, shortly after learning she had cancer, and later claimed that Martyn had become an integral part of her life.

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She revealed to a journalist in 2013 that the Dutch musician was her primary source of strength during that period.

The actress claimed that if it weren’t for Sadie’s dad, she doubts she could have made it through.

She explained that the singer had come into her life at a time of great sorrow and had been a great comfort to her.

They became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2010, and their daughter was born the following year.

The wedding took place in February of 2013. Applegate’s life improved after the birth of her only child, and the author once wrote about the change for a magazine. Sadie was the catalyst.

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What ‘So Many Ways’ Did Christina’s Daughter Help Her?After giving birth to Sadie in January 2011, Applegate told a magazine that becoming a mother had been her primary priority.

The star of ‘She Sells Sanctuary,’ who will have a child who is 11 in 2022, went on to describe how having a child has altered her perspective on life.

‘She has helped me in countless ways. The positive impact she’s had on my life is immeasurable. She has broken down every barrier within me.’

While Applegate acknowledged her husband for his unwavering support, she proclaimed that Sadie had ‘healed [her] in so many ways.’

The actress said her kid had ‘simply awakened my spirit,’ describing how the child had helped her overcome depression.

The ‘Vacation’ star said she didn’t appreciate motherhood until she held her newborn child. She likened Sadie to a missing piece of a puzzle that was finally present.

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Applegate explained how the child was her beginning and how it was a renewal. The actress thanked her daughter for bringing brightness into her life as she received a star on the Walk of Fame in November 2022.

Sadie was the most significant person in her life, the ‘Married with Children’ star told the crowd. Before adding:

‘My child is more than I could have ever imagined; she is lovely, loving, kind, interesting, and intelligent.’

‘Every day that I get to get up and drive you to school is a blessing to me. You are everything to me. I appreciate you supporting me through everything.’

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