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When the 82-year-old woman enters the room , no one could expect such a dance from her! This video has taken over the internet

In this 2012 video, an 82-year-old grandmother dances the Charleston. The Charleston first gained popularity in

1923 as a result of the song ‘The Charleston,’ and it quickly became a popular dance and staple of the younger generation

during the so-called Roaring Twenties at the turn of the century. Because it is an extremely dynamic and chaotic dance, this grandmother’s performance wowed many people.

The majority of individuals are uncomfortable talking about aging and getting older. Youth does not endure forever, but it doesn’t imply your latter years should be devoid of joy and activity.

Even if the years pass and you begin to feel slower and more achy than you did when you were younger, elderly individuals can still enjoy their time and even party hard.

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This elderly lady demonstrates that age is not a barrier. It’s worth noting that the film was made to promote a dietary supplement. Despite this, the elder actress’ actions are definitely worth watching!

Young women and men in the early twentieth century were ready to be liberated from social limitations, which included pressure to behave a certain way and conform to certain society ideals.

The Charleston was adopted by the younger generation as a means of self-expression.

The females would kick and strut around without a care in the world, even when their energetic dancing caused their skirts to flap up and reveal glimpses of their upper legs or even underwear! These teenage females were known as the

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‘Flappers,’ a moniker derived from their frantic ‘flapping’ on the dance floor.

Grandma appears to move her legs in the manner of ladies in the past. At the carefree and young age of 82, she stands tall with a huge smile from ear to ear, defying the stereotype of people her age.

Grandma doesn’t need a club or nightclub because she may be seen dancing in her kitchen, which suits her.

She shows us what life would have been like in the 1920s. This was a time when both men and women abandoned conservative and rigorous ways of life, clearing the way for new attitudes, attire, and activities.

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Both men and women smoked and drank, ladies cut their skirts and hair scandalously short, and dancing became more liberated.

Her kicks are impressive even for much younger dancers. As she dances in the video, she looks stunning in her gorgeous jewelry and black clothing.

She effortlessly spins and kicks for two minutes and even takes a pose, demonstrating how young at heart she genuinely is.

She moves right, left, back and forth, her arms swinging in time with her movements. Grandma is still capable of moving it. Most of us can only hope to be as lively and full of spirit as she was at that age.

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