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When he fulfills his pledge to his children for Christmas, country music legend Walker Hayes demonstrates that he is first and foremost a father then the musician

Walker is a nominee for an American Music Award, a loving father to six children, and just an ordinary person.

In this video, Taste of Country’s Adison Haager delivers a charming holiday tale that will make you smile as you begin the Christmas season.

Walker, who was born in Alabama in 1979, first met his wife Laney Beville Hayes in primary school.

Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Everly, and Loxley are among the couple’s good-looking children. They recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

Lela, the oldest child, was instrumental in getting her father’s popular Applebee’s anthem to the top of the country music charts.

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For Dad’s song, Walker and Lela created a dance. It became popular once they uploaded it to TikTok. Nearly 33 million people saw their front-porch show!

Here are some verses from Walker’s number-one song:Yes, we like to dress up like a date night at Applebee’s.

Get the Oreo shake and the Bourbon Street steak.
Place some whipped cream on top as well.
Two straws, one check, you got it, gal

Walker’s journey to a number one single wasn’t quick or simple. He recalls how his kids requested for

‘Christmas blow-ups’ for the yard six or seven years ago, when he was not making much headway in his job. He had to explain to the children that all they could do was use lights.

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Walker said, though, that he would give his family blow-ups if he ever had a number one hit, without giving it any thought.

Guess what, though! Walker’s children kept dad accountable for his vow by keeping it in mind.

The Hayes children and Mom Laney each selected an inflatable from the neighborhood Lowe’s before Thanksgiving. Santa, Frosty, and The Grinch are all present on Walker Hayes’s rooftop and lawn!

Along the road, Walker and his family have faced challenges. Walker’s father passed away in 2021, and he and Laney also lost a baby girl in 2018.

Walker’s family, though, is what gives him support, and his efforts are paying off in his musical career.

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Walker may not have won the AMA, but he has a very promising future as a musician and successful family man.

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