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When A Blind Man Sees His Wife For The First Time, He Only Has Two Words For Her.

Just for a moment, try to picture yourself wedded to a woman whose face you’ve never seen. Or having your son refer to you as “daddy” but you having no idea what his face looks like. Try to picture what it would be like to go through life without the gift of sight, which is something that the majority of us take for granted without ever realizing it.

This is the reality for Gene Purdie, who has had to deal with the effects of having Stargardt’s illness from birth. Due to an eye illness that affects the retina, he can only see shadowy images at the periphery of whatever he is focusing on.

Even though Gene had the illness from birth, it wasn’t until he was 16 years old that he received an official diagnosis. He went on to meet the woman who would become the love of his life, Joy, and soon after they were married, they were blessed with a child named Lincoln.

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The only problem was that Gene had never seen his family’s appearance.

Joy was watching the Rachael Ray Show one day when she noticed one of Rachael’s guests had Stargardt’s disease.

She hadn’t been able to witness her sister’s grin in more than a decade at that point. The visitor who appeared on Rachael’s show was able to see thanks to a unique pair of electronic spectacles that she provided for him. A business known as eSight, which specializes in developing innovative eyewear technology that enables people with visual impairments to regain their vision, is responsible for the development of this technology.

Joy was utterly overcome with emotion as she watched everything take place on the TV screen in front of her. She sent a letter to the show in the hopes that they will provide the same extraordinary chance for her own family as they have previously.

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Because God heard and answered their prayers, the family of three from Denver was invited to come on the show in New York City.

Gene waited nervously on stage for the eSight glasses to be slipped over his head.

When they were turned on, the audience and those present in the studio were at first uncertain as to whether or not the technology had been successful. Then Gene turned his attention to his wife, and the words “She’s pretty” came out of his mouth without any conscious effort.

Gene was just soaking up all of the full photos of things he’s been “piecing together, a little at a time” over the past 16 years. You can imagine that the pair was completely overcome with emotion.

To put the cherry on top of everything, Rachael Ray then announced that the company eSight will be giving Gene and his family a pair of glasses valued at $15,000! Now that he has this newfound chance, he is able to spend more time with his wife and son, and he can see the development of his son in ways that were before impossible for him.

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Gene is definitely full of life, regardless of whether or not he has sight. This much is certain. It is quite evident that his impairment that prevents him from seeing the world around him has in no way dampened his joy or spirit.

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