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What Is Your Greatest Regret? Strangers Seem To Be In Agreement On This Three-Letter Word.

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A provocative question awaited people walking along a random street in New York City, and it was scrawled on a large chalkboard. The question was, “What’s your worst regret?”

You would assume that the responses that were given would differ quite a bit given that everyone faces their own individual challenges, right? However, as more people gave their replies, a common thread began to emerge.

The vast majority of individuals who came forward stated that they did not regret the actions that they had taken, but rather the actions that they had not taken. Every single person, in their own unique way, used the term “not” to characterize the circumstance they were in. For instance, “not applying to medical school” and “not saying ‘I love you’” are both regrettable omissions.

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The purpose of this social experiment is to convey a message that inspires a sense of self-assurance. It serves as a timely reminder that there are always going to be new chances that won’t result in regret… provided that we take the risk.

So don’t miss out. Go. Try. Do! Let’s avoid regret today!

Watch as this fascinating experiment is carried out in the video below, and don’t forget to share it with others to encourage them to try new things.

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