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Video. The nine-year-old and twelve-year-old ice skating couple performed an outstanding dance

Evelina Pokrasnetyeva, nine, and Ilya Makarov, twelve, had a magnificent ice skating performance. Their great coach, Ilya Izaslavovich Averbukh, assisted them.

The topic for the competition was movie music, and they skated to ‘City of Stars» from the film ‘La La Land.’ The two young skaters share an unbreakable relationship and exceptional camaraderie.

Throughout the journey, their coach was encouraging. He was on the ice with them as they practiced, and he was on the sidelines watching the performance.

Evelina wore a lovely yellow flower-covered dress, while Ilya wore jeans and a grey shirt. They stepped onto the ice and took their places. Ilya began the procedure by waiting for Evelina to enter her queue.

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It was a captivating scenario when Evelina walked in with a smile on her face. The crowd applauded, as the pair converged on the rink and began skating together.

Their act consisted of more than just a dance. It was a story. There was a bench on the ice, and Ilya assisted Evelina in carrying her onto it, where she danced across it as he held her.

Evelina and Ilya sailed across the ice like birds. Their maneuvers were flawless, and they had complete trust in one another.

They were given a bouquet of flowers after their performance, and their instructor hugged them.

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