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Video. Musical family. See how the baby and his father accompany each other

Every parent should be, their child will grow up smart and talented. For that, of course, you have to put in a lot of effort.

These 10 tips will help you raise a smart child without developmental centers.The first and most important advice is love.

Love the baby with all your heart and don’t be afraid to show it. By doing this, you will give the child a feeling of protection, which is very important for the harmonious development of his brain.

Talk to the child a lot, it will help his speech development. Listen carefully when he tries to tell you something, this will stimulate his desire to communicate and talk.

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Parents should also instill curiosity in their children by their example. For example, try to do something together, like this family.

Look how beautifully Armenian and son play. it is impossible not to admire their performance. There are thousands of comments under this video online praising the baby and his parents.

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