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Video! More than 1.3 million people have followed the adorable baby chef’s culinary adventures on Instagram.

Kobe, the baby food chef, already has over 1.3 million Instagram followers. He has nearly as many as Guy Fieri!

Kobe’s mother stated that she had no idea the infant chef’s cooking videos would be so popular.

This little cook is very beautiful. He’s wearing a red chef hat with his blonde hair peeking out. Kobe also wears a crimson apron.

His smile is contagious, and you can’t help but smile when you see him.He’s babbling while mixing, eating, stirring, and sampling various foods.

Kobe enjoys observing and assisting his parents while they cook and bake.He gets very into it, mixing the components into each product.

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Kobe is smiling as he stands in front of a whole tray of wonderful, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. His facial expressions are hilarious as he tries different meals.

Ashley, Kobe’s mother, says, ‘He has so much joy doing it and such a large, lively personality that I decided to videotape it to share with friends and family at first.’ Kobe appears to adore the camera.

When he’s thrilled, Kobe even shows off his bare tummy and smacks it. When pouring in his ingredients, Kobe occasionally overlooks the bowl. His mother sits next to him, out of camera range, in case something goes wrong.

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Kobe had tried over 100 different dishes by the age of one, according to his parents. If he doesn’t like a certain cuisine, he shakes his head side to side and mumbles something bad.

‘These silly videos of us cooking together turned into something we never imagined!’ says Kobe’s mother.

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