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Video! In a heartwarming moment, a 5-year-old invites his entire class to his adoption ceremony.

Dave Eaton and Andrea Melvin have been wed for ten years, but the two aren’t parents. Andrea and Dave can now adopt Michael Clark, Jr. after more than a year of foster care.

Michael encouraged his entire kindergarten class to join in on the celebration of this wonderful day. Michael’s teacher, Mrs. McKee, was delighted to assist with planning the excursion.

Michael values his academic performance. Like a second family, his peers. It was only right that they be present for the adoption ceremony.

Judge Patricia Gardener thanked the distinguished visitors who had attended the case that day. To show their support for Michael, Mrs. McKee’s class prepared paper hearts attached to wooden sticks.

When she pronounced, ‘It is ordered Michael, that your forever mom and dad will be David Andrew Eaton and Andrea Louise Melvin,’ Judge Gardener made the adoption legally binding.

ABC News conducted an interview with the new family following the ceremony. Michael said, ‘I love my dad!’ to the film team. Dave, his father, lowered his head in appreciation as he said it again.

Any adults who have ever considered adoption are urged to explore their choices by Dave and Andrea.

On that particular day, everyone in Judge Gardener’s courtroom was overcome with passion and joy.

All of Michael’s classmates participated in his formal admission into a forever family as he now has a family.

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