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US family adopts Chinese girl: 11 months later, one detail in the photo forces the family’s neighbors to make a hasty decision

Orphanages in China are overflowing with abandoned children who want only one thing: a loving family.

The conditions of the children are far from ideal, but the staff of orphanages do their best to keep the children happy until they are adopted or adopted.

In China, the problem of abandoned children is quite acute, abandoned by parents for all sorts of reasons. Often the reason for refusal is the birth of a child out of wedlock or disability.

In any case, brothers and sisters rarely end up in orphanages. But often non-native by blood children become so close to each other that it seems that they are from the same parents.

Dawson and Hanna were taken to an orphanage in China when they were only a few months old. They considered themselves brother and sister, despite the fact that they were not relatives.

Dawson and Hannah were looked after by the same caregiver, who took them to her house for the weekend so that the children could escape from the daily life of the orphanage. But soon the day came when the two children were separated.

Hanna was adopted by a family from the United States of America. The girl realized that she could no longer spend every day with Dawson. Thus, Hanna ended up in another country, while Dawson stayed in an orphanage in China.

Andy and Sharon Sykes adopted Hannah and took her into their family. Hanna now had two older brothers, but she missed Dawson very much.

‘They were not relatives and were so different, but they became very close friends, being in the same orphanage,’ Sharon said in an interview with CBS. Sharon remembers how she realized that the children were inseparable.

Every photo that the adoption agency sent in showed Hannah with Dawson. They played together, held hands, spent time together.

Hannah’s new mom felt she had to find a family for Dawson too, so she posted Hannah and Dawson’s story on social media. ‘I kept thinking about him. This boy sunk into my soul,’ recalls Sharon.

When an acquaintance told Amy Clary about Dawson’s story, which he came across on the Internet, Amy decided to meet the Sykes family. She firmly decided for herself that she wanted to adopt a boy.

Amy made this decision so quickly that her husband Chris later joked about it: “I left her for a minute, maybe two, and when I returned, she told me the following: ‘We will adopt this boy.’ To which I replied: ‘Good.’

Clary’s family already had three children, all under the age of five, and, as you can imagine, life was constantly in full swing in their house. But the couple felt that they were capable of raising another child.

Amy saw photos of Dawson and Hannah together and realized she just couldn’t do otherwise.

When Dawson’s adoption was officially confirmed, Amy and Sharon decided that the children would need to meet: Hannah and Dawson had not seen each other for several long months.

The children had no idea that they would soon see each other and live in the neighborhood, just five minutes from each other.

Numerous hugs
When three-year-old Dawson got off the plane, a new family was waiting for him at the airport. But not only they were here — soon he saw his best friend Hannah.

‘They didn’t stop hugging. They probably hugged each other 400 times,’ recalls Dawson’s mom, Amy. Thanks to the strong bond between Hannah and Dawson, the Clary and Sykes families also bonded.

You can watch the touching meeting of the children in the video below. You will not stop smiling from the joy that these wonderful kids radiate:

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