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This woman lost her sight when she was teen! What happened next will warm your heart

After undergoing a procedure that changed her life, a lady who lost her vision now has fresh prospects. Sophia Corah discovered she was blind one morning when she was only 18 years old.

She made the tragic discovery in 2017, according to South West News Service, and was legally proclaimed blind by August of that same year.

Corah was later shown to have keratoconus. Keratoconus, which may eventually necessitate a cornea transplant, ‘occurs when your cornea… thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape,’ according to the Mayo Clinic.

‘Being suddenly blind upon awakening was terrible, and I was incredibly reliant on others for support. I initially believed it to be an allergy reaction or something,’ She revealed.

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Corah said, ‘I drove to school and noticed my eyesight was fading when I couldn’t read the paper.’ ‘Corah continued to pursue a college education despite the abrupt change in her life.

She added that she started studying psychology at Colorado’s Adams State University, saying, ‘It was incredibly difficult adjusting, but I was determined to accomplish all I could.’

She met Christian Corah, her current partner, there, and they clicked right away. ‘I had Christian’s support the entire time I was blind.

He looked after me and gave me special treatment, ‘She spoke of Christian, who discovered a procedure that could improve her eyesight after researching keratoconus.

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Corah, eager to see Christian’s face for the first time, said, ‘I chose to travel to meet him when I had worked up the guts to tell him how I felt.

According to Metro, she claimed, ‘I couldn’t really piece together what Christian looked like when I saw him since with keratoconus my vision meant I could see around 10 eyeballs all over the place.’

It didn’t matter what he looked like to me because we had already established a connection. But after all this time, it was quite pleasant to see his face clearly.

He was considerably more attractive than I had anticipated ‘She mentioned citing PEOPLE. Christian also shared her thoughts, and they have been married for more than a year now.

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‘I was drawn to Sophia as soon as I met her. She had such a strong will ‘Christian spoke with SWNS.

‘Christian encouraged me and made me feel so special during the hardest times of my life. We became so close as a result of it «Corah observed.

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