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This warrior meets his lifelong love after waiting 75 years… View their touching video here!

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Everyone involved thought the 75-year wait was worthwhile even though it took so long to finish. Dreams came true for K.T. Robbins and his French lover Jeannine.

When Jeannine was a young child growing up in a small village in Eastern France, the world was changing, promises were being broken, and alliances were being made. But on a human level, something else was happening.

K.T. and she became close. US soldier Robbins, who took part in the Normandy invasion. Their ephemeral love would pass as they both returned to their former selves.

75 years had passed since their last meeting, and K.T. Robbins takes pictures of Jeannine without her donning his attire.

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A shine appears over his eyes as he tells a reporter how much his former love meant to him. That sparkle turns to astonishment when the crew reveals that they found Jeannine’s home.

After 75 years of ruminating on what could have been, the two of them were reunited for the last time. An unplanned reconnection had a profound effect on their lives.

After spending some time together and exchanging stories, it was time to leave once more. Many things can change in 75 years, including the beginning of new families, lives, and obligations.

They split apart once more, but this time it was on their terms. They shared a passionate kiss that sealed the deal as they both closed a crucial chapter in their lives.

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This is the video:


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