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This Ukrainian mother-daughter duet of ‘I Look To You’ is sure to bring a tear to your eyes.

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Karolina may be familiar to you from one of her numerous popular violin performances that went viral, such as ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love.

She has been sharing her musical abilities with the world for years, and they have reacted with thunderous applause.

Now it’s turning into a family affair as Karolina’s mother sings the Whitney Houston song ‘I Look To You’ on the street.

Listen to this amazing pair sing these lyrics that everyone needs to hear right now.

I’m looking to you, I’m looking at you.

When all of my strength is gone, I may still be strong in you.

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I keep turning to you, and when the melodies leave you, I hear a song.

Karolina created an endearing caption for YouTube. ‘We both hail from Ukraine. This tearjerking song will make me actually cry during this difficult period. Respect one another.

Let’s take Karolina’s advice to heart and show our love for everyone in our vicinity.

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