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This sailor managed to capture a rare species that you possibly saw in Disney cartoons only

Have you ever wondered if pink dolphins exist or are they just cartoon characters?

It turns out that yes. Louisiana is home to Pinky, a completely pink dolphin.

Usually there is a pink shade in the belly of dolphins, but here it is completely pink.

Most likely, this is a genetic deviation, when the normal pigmentation of the gray skin tone did not occur.

This shows that the animal is albino, but this does not prevent Pinky from being a very intelligent and normal dolphin, but at the same time incredibly beautiful.

For a long time, the question of Pinky’s sexuality remained open. Many were trying to figure it out, and finally in 2016, he let the camera get to him.

Charter boat captain Eric Ryu captured the dolphin during a cruise on Lake Charles in Louisiana.The man’s first meeting with this miracle took place in 2007.

Pinky is a very curious dolphin, she gets so carried away that she swims towards the ships, 10 feet away.

The captain shared with the journalists that he was very happy that he finally found out the gender of the dolphin.

‘I took hundreds of shots of her mating and proved to everyone that Pinky is a female. I am sure that I was the first to see and photograph it.’

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