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’They are also humans !’ Top-5 diseases of stars that you didn’t even guess about

1. Brad Pitt

Many people know this actor as one of the most attractive Hollywood stars, considering his appearance to be ideal.

True, not everyone knows that there are many scars left on Brad’s face, which appeared as a result of the struggle with problematic skin and acne. Fortunately, nowadays medicine is able to help people with similar problems.

2. LeAnn Rimes

Not many people know, but the singer often has to wear closed clothes, as psoriasis, which the star suffers from, often worsens.

It is because of this disease that scaly red spots appear on her skin. Today, there is no cure for this disease, but there are many procedures that will help make these traces less noticeable.

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3. Morgan Freeman

Many people know and love this actor for the huge number of beautifully played roles. True, few people guessed that Morgan suffers from papular dermatosis.

By the way, this disease appears more often in owners of dark skin. As a result, dark spots appear on the face or body.

Nowadays, with the help of lasers, the sizes of these areas can be made minimal.


Surely many of you noticed the scars on the face of this performer. It’s all about discoid lupus. Because of this disease, the skin is inflamed and ulcers are formed, which can later leave scars and scars.

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Now in the fight against the disease, various ointments can help, which noticeably reduce the appearance of inflammation.

5.Ewan McGregor

Few people know that once the actor was diagnosed with skin cancer. In 2008, doctors performed an operation to remove the birthmark.

Everything is good now with Yuen, although those events often remind him of the scar left after the operation, which is very difficult to hide.

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