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These two girls were inseparable and it seemed to everyone that they were close friends…You will be amazed of you know the truth

When we want to say that people are strikingly alike, we say that they look like twins.

Here’s why people are surprised to learn that the main characters in this article aren’t just girlfriends.

Englishwomen Lucy and Maria Aylmer surprised those around them since they were children.

People refused to believe that the completely different girls were twin sisters.

Donna, the girls’ mother, was overjoyed when she found out she was having twins.

When Donna was first introduced to the girls, she was stunned. Naturally, the color of the baby’s skin is not revealed during the ultrasound examination. The woman had no doubt that her daughters were different.

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At first, Donna worked to dress her daughters as twins. However, it soon became clear that their tastes and interests are also different.

Lucy remembers that many of her classmates at school even thought that the Aylmer family had adopted her.

The sisters have very different personalities. With curly hair and dark skin, Maria is sociable and open.

And red-haired and freckled Lucy is more reserved and shy.Girls are best friends.

The girls’ future plans are also different. Maria wants to study law and psychology after school.

She dreams of working with people and creating a career. And Lucy loves design and art.

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Unique twins are not the only children in the family. The girls’ father is white, one of the mother’s parents was from Jamaica.

Girls are very happy not to look like themselves. They have been best friends since childhood, they can’t imagine another life, they are sincerely happy for the way things are.

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