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The wedding before the Ԁеаtһ of the Аmеriсап bride with сапсеr

In the company of her family, friends, and even her attending physicians, Heather Lindsay and her fiance exchanged their wedding vows in the hospital bed 18 hours before she passed away.

Heather lay in bed with her eyes open on December 22, wearing an oxygen mask on her face and a number of tubes around her, but she continued to put on lipstick in order to be ready for the most important day of her life. The breast сапсеr in the 31-year-old psychologist is in the stage 4 advanced stage.

Soon after that, Heather got into her wedding dress, put on a wig by herself, and was helped by the medical staff to walk into the chapel of St. Francis in Hartford City, Connecticut, to wed her fiance David Mosher, who was 35 years old.

Her wedding ceremony, just like any other, was full with smiles, happiness, and a range of emotions. In particular, Ashley Mosher, the groom’s ex-wife, was the photographer behind the majority of the photographs shot at this event, which were only published the day before yesterday on Mirror.
Despite the difficulties in their relationship, Ashley has an immense amount of love for Heather. “I have feelings for the woman whom my ex-husband will wed. “I have a lot of love for my children’s stepmother,” stated Ashley.

After meeting one other in a dance class in 2015, Heather and David quickly realized that they were meant for each other. On the very same day, December 23, 2016, when David was planning to pop the question to his fiancée, she received the news that she had breast сапсеr. Despite this, he went through with his plan to surprise his fiancée by proposing to her as they were riding in a carriage around the city at night.

David shared his thoughts by saying, “I told myself she needed to know that she wouldn’t have to walk this path alone.”
In September of last year, Heather’s сапсеr metastasized to both her brain and her lungs.
Because Heather’s condition has worsened, the doctors have recommended that she and David get married sooner rather than later. Originally, the wedding was scheduled to take place on December 30.

“best” stepmother.
Heather’s family, friends, and the medical professionals who had been caring for her, Heather and David exchanged their vows.
After being together for two and a half years, David proposed to his girlfriend by giving her a wedding ring. In addition, the two of them will not see each other again after these minutes have passed.

During the wedding ceremony, the physicians and nurses were present to show their support for the bride.

Heather displayed a triumphant gesture by raising both of her arms above her head. Even though she knew she didn’t have much longer to live, she still managed to have the wedding of her dreams with the person she loved.

Heather went back to her former hospital room after the wedding, but this time there was a message waiting for her at the foot of her bed that said “Just married.” After 18 hours, Heather breathed her last breath and passed away. The funeral was held on December 30, the day she had intended to walk down the aisle to start her new life.

Ashley remarked, “I assured her that we would always keep her in our thoughts and memories.” It was a peaceful and dignified passing for her.

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