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The son assured that he had found his duplicate. Mom cried when she saw the photo

The US mother of three posted a photo of herself with her doppelgänger on a school holiday on her Facebook page:

‘My heart melted.Wouldn’t it be great if we could all see the world through my 5-year-old son’s eyes?»

Before the school holidays, Brittney Tankersley’s son ran to her asking to buy the same clothes for himself and his doppelgänger, Tanner.

The holiday consisted in the fact that each child had to find his double among the students and come with him in the same clothes.

The boy’s mother, Miles, did not know Tanner or his clothing size, so she tried to find his mother’s number.

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When he contacted his mother on the phone, he found out the size of the clothes and only that the boys had the same dark hair and dark eyes.

Miles took the clothes with him that day, and their teacher took a picture of them, which she sent to Miles’ mother.

Seeing the picture, the woman couldn’t stand it and began to cry and laugh at the same time, because the children were absolutely not alike, but the main thing is that her son did not notice it. Isn’t it wonderful?

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