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The Incredible Street Performance of Two Children Aged 6 Captures the Attention of a Massive Crowd

Clients were blown away by Paul Petrescu and his friend’s performance.

Many shopping centers and districts set up pianos and other musical instruments outside to entice customers to spend more time there.

However, the shoppers in California’s Broadway Plaza had no idea what an incredible show they were in for.

When the talented player took the field, he or she did so with the confidence and competence of a seasoned veteran. However, he was not an adult but rather a young boy of six.

Paul Petrescu posted this fantastic movie to his channel on YouTube. He began his musical journey on the piano in February 2020 after his father gave him a keyboard to use during the lockdown he experienced the previous year. I feel the piano in my bones now.

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Paul and his pal are seen playing piano together in the video. Paul’s wonderful one-minute-plus impromptu performance is devoid of any sheet music. His playing is beautiful and he looks completely in the moment.

Then, every once in a while, his friend comes in and performs these stunning harmonies that really take the song to another level.

When you consider how rare it is to discover a six-year-old who is a prodigy on the piano, having two on your hands is mind-boggling.

It’s a bad we can’t find out more about the other small child, but maybe he’ll get his own YouTube channel someday.

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Everyone in the audience is hidden under masks, but you can tell they’re grinning from the way their skin folds over their eyes.

When the show is over, the audience celebrates and applauds wildly. I’m sure it brightened their day to see such talented youngsters.


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