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The couple is celebrating 25 years together soon and for this event husband made a amazing gift for his wife

This man’s wife has been retired for several years, but he is still working.

The daughter of the couple recently became a mother and the new grandmother went to her place to help take care of her grandson.

At that time, the husband decided to surprise his wife and repair the kitchen.

The couple is celebrating 25 years together soon. Such a surprise would be remembered by the woman for a long time.

The woman loves to cook, bake and create new recipes.The kitchen is her room of relaxation and inspiration.

The husband took a loan from the bank to save, he started doing everything with his own hands. First of all, he removed the old wallpaper and plaster from the walls, then he demolished the tiles.

He leveled the floor, plastered the walls, leveled the floor and chose black tiles for the combination.

To choose the interior, he turned to the Internet and chose the Scandinavian style, bright walls and furniture.

The furniture was ordered in a modular, white top and bottom with a wood-like mirror finish. The light shades of the walls together with the black granite create a bright accent.

To decorate the kitchen wall, she painted a trendy graphic on the wall.

To decorate the kitchen, he bought a round table with a glass top, stylish chairs and a modern lamp.

After returning home, the wife was simply delighted. Bright, stylish, spacious and comfortable kitchen. A real paradise for the hostess.

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