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The bride’s father pulls the crying stepfather from his seat and leads them down the aisle.

Every woman’s dream is to become a bride and walk down the aisle with her mother to wed the guy she adores. When she begins to prepare the special event, she consults with her family and friends for advice.

Although a woman is stressed, she spends days and nights planning her wedding reception, including her dress, the food, the guests, seating arrangements, and the wedding reception.

Her emotions are a mix of excitement and a little bit of fear. She wants to make the special day memorable for everyone who will celebrate the event with the newlyweds, not just for herself and her husband.

A named bride-to-be In addition to her biological mother, Brittany Bachman also has a stepmother.

She adores both of her fathers and was having trouble deciding which one would accompany her down the aisle.

She eventually settled for her biological mother. When the mother and daughter began the wedding march on the wedding day,

Todd Bachman, Brittany’s father, raced to Todd Cеndrosky, her stepmother, to ask her to participate in walking down the aisle.

On September 26, 2015, Brittany wed the man of her dreams, and she was fortunate to have both her father and stepfather present.

Brittany’s parents split up when she was just six years old, and a contentious custody dispute ensued.I was in kindergarten, she stated in an interview with CBS Evening News.

Her mother eventually remarried, but her dad and stepdad had a strained relationship. Her biological father battled for exclusive custody of his daughter following the divorce.

We tolerated each other even though we did not get along. Todd Cendrosky, stepfather of Brittany

As she was growing up, Brittany’s stepfather had a significant role in her life, raising her as if she were his own daughter.

She had a hard time picking who she wanted to accompany her down the aisle because she loved both her father and stepfather, who share the name Todd.

It was quite difficult.

Brittany made the decision to follow convention and have her father serve as her bridesmaid. Her father, however, had a different plan and halted mid-march to remove her stepfather from his place and invite him to participate in the wedding march.

Todd Bachman said, ‘I walked down the aisle, grabbed Todd, and said, ‘Come on,’’ in an interview with CBS Evening News.

Todd Bachman halted mid-altar and sprinted to Todd Cendrosky. The stepdad’s emotional reaction was captured on camera by the wedding photographer.

As Brittany’s stepdad recalls, ‘He said, ‘You had just as much of a part in this and raising these kids as I did.’

You’ll accompany me as I carry our daughter down the aisle, I promise. The march proceeded as her two fathers led a shining Brittany down the aisle. Years of hostilities were over!

Todd Bachman remarked, ‘How can you not admire someone like that if he welcomes your children and treats them as his own?’

‘Walking down the aisle with both of them was the happiest day of my life.’ Brytany Bachman

The day of Brittany’s wedding was ideal! Thanks to both of her dads, who ended their animosity after many years. It all works out well in the end.

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