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The biggest fear of some of us is paying bills, spiders, beetles, or snakes, but this man had the nightmare surprise of his life. – READ THE FULL STORY

Every one of us has a fear. Some of us are more afraid of paying our bills, spiders, insects, and snakes, but one man experienced the surprise of a lifetime.

A man returned home from work only to find two large snakes lowering themselves into his house from the ceiling.

If this were my home, I would have left right away!

Describing the moment he came across the snakes, he said: “As I walked to the back through the hallway, just right in front of me were these two huge snakes, intertwined and wiggling their heads around looking at me.

“I was a bit in shock.”

Mr Hyatt was eventually able to swat one of the reptiles away with a broom and guide it out of the front door.

On Facebook he said: “Yes, this what I came home to today.

“I got one out (after some violent hand to hand combat,) but the other is lost in the house somewhere.

“Anyone want to come for a sleep over at my place tonight?”

Would you feel safe in the house again?

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