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The best Christmas song of all time! You won’t stop laughing (video)

Christmas is a season when you get to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate with them.

By making delicious Christmas cookies for a gathering, you also establish new Christmas customs.

One thing, however, always makes this particular event more enjoyable. Those are the amusing and humorous Christmas carols.

The Moron Brothers’ engaging and humorous Christmas song recently received a lot of attention online. The lyrics to this amusing tune will make it an instant favorite.

The Moron Brothers published the lyrics of a song that told a Christmas tale. When Santa Claus visited their house, they had the worst Christmas ever, according to the article.

Santa Claus slept on his couch because he was so exhausted. He later woke up and rode off on his sleigh.

Since they were the ones who gave Santa and his reindeer lice, Santa stopped visiting the brothers’ house.

The humorous lyrics persisted, and the second stanza explained that Santa had to remove his beard and hair due to lice.

Due to the same reason, even his reindeer had to be groomed. Rudolph, one of the reindeer, also became very irate.

The brothers then moved on to the next verse, when they claimed that after writing Santa Claus a letter, they soon got a call from him.

Santa actually was quite understanding when he chose to leave the gifts in the yard of the brothers. He would not, however, enter their house.

This amusing Christmas song about what happened to Santa during Christmas is great for the youngsters to listen to and can add amusement to your holiday celebrations.

The Moron Brothers did a great job on the banjo and turned it into a sweet Christmas tune.

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