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Over time, the skin color and hair color of one of these twin sisters begin to change. See what they look like 13 years later

Sisters Marcie and Millie Biggs were born together. They were the same, all facial features were similar.

But over time, one of the babies began to change: the hair and skin color darkened, the eyes changed. And the second child remained light-skinned blonde.

From the outside, it seems that they are not related girls at all. But in fact the answer is simple: they were born from a mother and father of different nationalities.

The babies’ mother, Amanda, is from England, and Michael, the father, is from Jamaica. When they united, those around them were against their union. But they still stayed together.

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Then there was a wedding and the twins were born. The parents joke that one of the girls is completely the father, and the other is the mother.

Their family became famous thanks to a journalist’s photo. The photo of the girls appeared on the cover of the magazine, and inside there was a small article.

Now the girls have grown up, attend school, make friends with their peers.

Interestingly, despite the external difference, they have very similar interests.And even the outfits they choose are often the same.

But the girls are completely different in character: blonde Marsi is very naughty, Milly, on the contrary, calmness itself.

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