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Neil Patrick Harris pays heartfelt tribute to twins on their 12th birthday: ‘They inspire me.’

On Wednesday, which was his twins’ golden birthday, Neil Patrick Harris sent them a sweet greeting that he shared with the internet.

The 12th of October marked the birthdays of both his daughter Harper and his son Gideon, whom he shares with his husband David Burtka.

Today I turn the age of twelve. “Harper and Gideon are, without a doubt, the greatest two things that have ever happened to me,” he said alongside a photograph of his children standing next to one another.

In October of 2010, Harper and Gideon were born to their parents via surrogacy.

The lives of Harris and Burtka’s children have been documented on the internet ever since they were born.

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It’s almost as if we’ve all been able to witness them maturing before our very eyes over the past decade.

It’s hard to realize that the twins will be teenagers in just one more year, but here we are!

In his article, Harris continued by saying, “They inspire me, make me chortle, allow me to be an imperfect father, and fill me with a form of love I never knew could exist.” “They inspire me, make me chortle, allow me to be an imperfect father, and fill me with a type of love I never

He went on to say that despite the fact that “being a parent is the most continually tough thing David and I have ever done,” it is “so, so worth it,” according to the letter that he penned.

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“They are very fantastic. They are the offspring of mine. They are everything to me.

In addition, Burtka celebrated the twins’ 12th birthday by posting a cute snapshot of the couple’s children.

“Wishing these amazing children a very happy and GOLDEN 12th birthday!” He wrote, “I can’t believe how quickly this whole thing has gone by!”

“I could not be more pleased with how quickly you are maturing. You are kind, thoughtful, and sympathetic, as well as creative and possessing a wonderful sense of humor. I am pleased to be your father, and I can’t wait to observe the changes that take place over the next 12 years. I couldn’t ask for better kids!”

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I hope you both have a wonderful birthday, Harper and Gideon! It is very evident that the two of you continue to make your fathers proud.

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