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Neglected Poodle Missing A Jaw Now Has Reason To Smile

Dr. Karri of Vet Ranch revealed a terrible neglect case of a tiny poodle nicknamed “Ginger Bread”. Animal control had reached out to her to ask if she would take care of Ginger Bread, a miniature poodle weighing only 5 pounds.

The poor pup not only reeked but she was missing a jaw bone! And she had also been so badly infested with fleas that she was anemic. But when she saw Dr. Karri, she jumped right into her arms – trusting and loving as can be.

Dr. Karri and her team knew they would do everything in their power to help fix the sweet pup up and get her back to full health.

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X-rays confirmed that Ginger Bread has no bone left in her jaw and no teeth in the top of her mouth due to long term, untreated periodontal disease. But thankfully she eats just fine and loves to eat.

The Vet Ranch video charts Ginger Bread’s amazing recovery. All shaved down, Ginger Bread needed a sweater to stop shivering but the moment she has it on, she can’t stop prancing! And wait until you see the staff carrying her in a special pouch.

Ginger Bread’s good news recovery didn’t stop at getting her health back either. Dr. Karri shares some terrific news about Ginger Bread’s future home and family too!

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To donate, adopt or foster one of the dogs aided by Abandoned Pet Project visit their website:

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