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My life’s most painful experience…

I had one of the most agonizing experiences of my life last night. In the grocery where I was, the cheese counter was right next to the candy counter. I was staring at some cheese. I heard this conversation:

“- Please, mama, I will be kind and good. Please!

– That’s it, we don’t have any money! We won’t have enough money for bread if I buy these candies for you.

Instinctively I turned my head.

A basic mom, messy but clean, with a blonde girl with large blue eyes.

“- Please, you said Santa will visit us this year and bring us, sweets.”

I held the cheese in my hand while remaining motionless.

The young child was holding a bag of sweets. I couldn’t believe the things I had heard were real as I was staring at her.

The child left the bag of candies on the shelf and was dragged away by her mother.

I dashed back to the candy stand. The candy bag in the toddler was holding cost $2. I stuffed goodies into the basket and, unavoidably, passed the meat stand on my way to the checkout register. The mom and her child were staring through the goods display window.

“- Eight salami slices!” “Cut them thin, please,” she continued.

My heart stopped beating.

I requested a salami stick and a pig pastrami stick from the other salesperson.

I got to the checkout before they did.

My eyes were welling up with tears.

I waited outside in front of the market for them.

I handed the candy bag to the small girl:

“- Because you were in the store, Santa came over here and handed me this bag.”

The girl looked her mother in the eyes with her large blue eyes. And the woman nodded in agreement.

“- See, mommy, Santa Claus really exists!” she exclaimed.

I couldn’t say anything since it hurt and made me joyful all at the same time.

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