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“My child is inside.” A brave police officer runs into a burning building to save a 3-year-old child.

Officer Tyler Dison’s shift was coming to a close when he overheard a report coming in regarding a fire at an apartment complex where it was conceivable that a child was trapped inside.

Tyler hurriedly arrived at the location rather than waiting to find out if his presence was required beforehand. By the time he arrived, flames were shooting out of one of the windows, and the other ones were completely obscured by thick smoke.

Immediately after entering the building, Tyler was welcomed by a woman who was standing outside and yelling, “My baby’s inside!”

At that precise moment, Tyler’s instincts and training kicked in, which were not only the result of his time spent working as a police officer but also as a firefighter.

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As he fearlessly advanced into the flames, Tyler’s only thought was, “I have to save this child no matter what the cost.” After only a few moments, he returned to the courtyard carrying a weary child of three years old.

Tyler remarked that the patient’s respiration was very shallow, and he appeared to be very lethargic. He was moaning, but he wasn’t really responding to anything.

The boy was airlifted to UAB Hospital not long after the incident to be treated for his burns as well as any other ailments he may have incurred. Although he is still resting and getting well, according to his mother, he is doing great and will make a full recovery!

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Tyler stated, “If I hadn’t done anything, then the baby would have definitely passed away.”

In his two years on the force, this was the first time that Tyler answered to a call of this caliber, but Tyler selected this career so that he could be a part of potentially life-saving circumstances like the one he was in right now. Something that he felt driven to accomplish in part by observing his older brother, who is also a police officer for the Rogersville police department.

“Since I was raised in this community, I have a need to look out for its best interests,” Tyler stated. “He (Tyler’s older brother) has always been an inspiration to me, and I’ve always wanted to be just like him,” Tyler said.

Meanwhile, the other members of the police force could not be more proud of him; in fact, they intend to award him for the brave efforts that he has taken.

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“Protect lives and save lives,” said Chief of Police Brian Hudson of the Rogersville Police Department. “He did what we’re out here to do.”

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