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Mom on a mission to prove to her daughter, who has an extremely rare birthmark, that she is beautiful.

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Everyone is born with their own distinct qualities that make them undeniably gorgeous in their own right.

One of the most astoundingly amazing and wonderful aspects of being human is that no two of us are exactly the same. As time goes on, we as a species are getting much better at acknowledging and appreciating one another’s unique qualities, which is a really positive development.

As a mother, Nicole Lucas Hallson is doing an amazing job of taking care of her two lovely children, Asher and Winry. But she’s also on a larger mission to illustrate the concept that we’re great because of our faults, and she wants to reinforce that her newborn daughter, who was born with a rare birthmark, is lovely just the way that she is.

According to Good Morning America, little Winry Hall was born with a birthmark known as congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMN for short. This abnormality is extremely uncommon.

Winry, who is only 13 months old, doesn’t appear like the other children because of an unusual birthmark that spans a quarter of her face. This is the reason why she stands out.

When Nicole, a woman who works as a teacher, was handed Winry by the nurses after the delivery in February of 2021, she was greatly anxious and shocked.

She didn’t anticipate that her daughter would be born with a skin issue because her pregnancy was relatively healthy.

“Thank goodness, my pregnancy turned out to be relatively typical! “I had morning sickness from roughly weeks 8-14, but as soon as that let up, I felt fantastic until the exhaustion kicked in the last month,” she says on her blog. “As soon as that let up, I felt great until the tiredness kicked in the last month.”

Nicole believes that the medical professionals, including the physicians and nurses, were the ones who first noticed the CMN. The only sounds that could be heard coming from their mouths were cheers and congratulations for the efficient and trouble-free delivery of the baby.

They also gave Nicole the assurance that Winry’s vital signs appeared to be in good shape.

After Nicole had spent some time breastfeeding her newborn daughter, she eventually turned her attention to Winry. At first, Winry’s mother, who was very bewildered, assumed the large mark on her daughter’s head was only a bruise.

It became immediately obvious to both my spouse and me that it was not a bruise at that point. Nicole explains, “I thought it looked a lot like a mole, which is fitting because of the name.”

Nicole has expressed how she is now feeling in her blog.

I recognized that it resembled a mole, but I had never seen anything like it, and I was frightened that it might be dangerous to her. “Some of the excitement of labor had faded, and I would say that anxiety was the major sensation I felt. I didn’t know what to ask, so I just hugged and kissed her and held her close. At this time, none of the nurses had mentioned anything about it, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

According to a research published by the National Organization for Rare Diseases, CMN can manifest as spots that are either light brown or black in color, and they can be virtually any size and appear almost anywhere on the body.

In an effort to show other people that being a little bit different isn’t something to be embarrassed of but rather something to be proud of, Nicole and her partner now want to draw attention to the singular qualities that their daughter possesses.

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