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Mom converts her daughter’s wheelchair into Cinderella’s carriage, which glows in the dark.

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There is nothing we would not do to bring a smile to our children’s faces.

Naturally, there are times when the uncomplicated things in life are the ones that contribute the most to their happiness. Most of the time, children do not require the newest and most costly toy, a pricey trip to Disney World, or a closet full of flashy new clothes.

No, my experience as a mom has shown me that children are perfectly healthy as long as they get the love and care that they are due from both their mother and their father. This is the single most important lesson that being a parent has taught me.

A few years ago, when Halloween was drawing near, a mother named Tiffany Breen knew that she wanted to make the holiday particularly memorable for her daughter Roslyn, who was only three years old at the time.

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Roslyn, a child, was born with a muscular problem that has perplexed doctors ever since she was born. This disease forces her to use a wheelchair.

According to the reports, Tiffany elaborated as follows: “At this moment, Roslyn is officially undiagnosed – we have exhausted all scientific avenues.”

“She is classified as having arthrogryposis, which is an umbrella term that refers to joint contractures and low muscle tone.”

Roslyn isn’t any different from any other youngster, despite the apparent difficulties she faces in life. She enjoys a good joke and a good time, and she is looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Because Tiffany didn’t want her daughter to feel excluded in any way, she came up with the most creative costumes possible for her to wear for the upcoming holiday of Halloween.

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“Roz will always be my little princess,” Tiffany said in her explanation. “And she is a huge fan of Disney, so we should have known that Cinderella would be something that she would truly want.”
Tiffany put on her thinking cap and eventually came up with the idea of turning the wheelchair itself into a beautiful carriage in order to create a costume that would work well with her daughter’s wheelchair. Tiffany’s goal was to create a costume that would work well with her daughter’s wheelchair.

Tiffany explained, “All I did was grab some tinsel and ribbon, and we also purchased some lights that were powered by a battery, some hula hoops, and some zip ties.”

When Roslyn first saw it, she was completely taken aback by the surprise. She shrieked, “And it lights!” as she saw it.

Roslyn completed the look perfectly by donning the most beautiful Cinderella gown and glass slippers.

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“I wanted her to draw attention in a positive way,” Tiffany, her mother, explained. “For various reasons, we sometimes get a lot of stares.”

When Roslyn and her family went to the local zoo for a Halloween celebration, many people stared, but there was no negativity in their expressions. Instead, they cheered for Roslyn as she passed, and some even asked for photos with her.

More on Roslyn’s Halloween surprise can be found in the video below:

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