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Man sees huge bear dragging his pit bull by the head tackles bear to save him

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Buddy, Kaleb Bentham’s Pit Bull, was playing outside his Nevada County, California house the day before Thanksgiving. ilovemydogsomuch writesWhen Bentham heard a roar, he looked outside and saw a 350-pound bear pulling Buddy away with his entire head in his teeth.Bentham was shocked, but he acted immediately to save his furry closest buddy.

He dashed towards them, colliding with the bear and tackling him. Bentham grabbed Buddy by the throat and began punching him in the face till he eventually let go of the dog in a frantic attempt to rescue him.Bentham didn’t think twice about putting his own life on the line to save Buddy.

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“What would you do if that was your child?” Bentham told CBS Sacramento. “That’s my baby, and I’d give anything for my dog.”

Bentham was afraid he might lose Buddy because he was in such horrible health. Buddy was hurried to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, where he was put into surgery right away to save his life.

Buddy had to have staples, sutures, and tubes placed into his skull in order to drain the fluid. Buddy’s life was saved thanks to the efforts of the veterinarians, and he is currently healing at home.

Unfortunately, the same bear has been seen in the area multiple times after the event, including at their home.

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