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Man Carries His Beloved Dog For Two Days Through Wilderness To Save His Life

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Wayne Best loves his dog Choco but he thought he might lose his best friend forever when the dog was attacked by a crocodile while they were on a trip in the Australian bush. Not wanting to lose him, Wayne carried his dog in his arms for two days to get him to a veterinarian.

Wayne and Choco were near the Mitchell River, which is about 186 miles northwest of Cairns in Australia, when the 3-year-old greyhound/Bull arab mix chased after a feral pig. Suddenly, a large crocodile burst from the river and attacked him!

Wayne told The Cairns Post that the crocodile shook Choco and dragged him under the water. Two minutes later Choco popped up and swam back to land and the crocodile had disappeared.

“I just grabbed him out of the water and threw him up on the bank there,” Wayne told the paper. “I had to take him back to camp, splinted him up and fixed a few holes in him, in his belly and stuff like that.”

With no vehicle to drive them to hospital and with the nearest road over 60 miles away, Best picked up his beloved dog and began hiking through the wilderness to get him help. Eventually, Wayne hitched a ride to the closest veterinarian where Choco got surgery to reconstruct his leg.

The 3-year-old dog pulled through but will need lots of rest over the next several months to heal his wounds. When animal lovers heard what Wayne had done for his pet, they pitched in and paid the dog’s medical bills in full.

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