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Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses the Claims That She Was Carrying Another Man’s ChiId After The Oscars

In Hollywood, there are no restrictions on what a curious media can concoct about a celebrity. In fact, for well over a decade now, it seems to be drawn to the entire Smith family. However, many of Jada’s fans are only interested in knowing the answer to a crucial question.

Today’s news may be centred on her husband’s Slapgate incident, despite the fact that he won an Oscar the same night. The internet is exploding with rumours that Jada Pinkett Smith is expecting her third child. MTO News was the first to break the story, citing a source close to the celebrity as having made the pregnancy r**our known to them.

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It appeared that the rumour was sparked by Jada’s current filming for a show about older women becoming pregnant. But neither she nor her partner, Will Smith, have made any announcements. The show reportedly has something to do with Jada Pinkett and pregnancy, according to a source who is a**egedly a member of the production team.

I’m not sure whether Jada is expecting, but she’s planning to produce an entire programme about older women becoming pregnant, they claimed. But she also said that if she is, an announcement will be made the following season. Jada won’t announce her pregnancy,

presuming she is, until the following season of Red Table Talks, they continued. However, neither Jada nor Will, who are both quite active on social media, have made any such announcements. Jada Pinkett Smith didn’t even appear to be pregnant in the most recent photo she posted a day ago to her Instagram account.

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