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Incredible! This man is a 56-year-old grandfather of 7 grandchildren. What is the secret of his youth?

Some people work hard to look beautiful and young. And then when people around them see them, they can’t believe how old they really are.

The British man named Andy Wilkinson, who is already 56 years old, looks 20 years old. Moreover, he already has 7 grandchildren.

The man admits that it is not only about genetics, he works hard on his health and appearance.

Andy has been playing sports for 38 years, which helps him stay in good shape. Over time, the sport ‘pulled’ him so much that the man even quit his job and started working as a personal trainer.

Thanks to his experience, he knows exactly what it takes to look young after 50.

Of course, sport is only 20% of success, the main part is nutrition. A man tries to eat only correct and healthy food.

He is also sure that stress has a very bad effect on the condition of the skin, so he always tries to avoid unpleasant situations.

Andy drinks a lot of water and sleeps without his smartphone under his pillow.

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