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‘I don’t understand how my parents knew I was getting married. I hid it until the last one…’ The story of this girl will give you tears

The close relationship with my parents did not work out. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel sad about it, but I can’t force love out of them, and I can’t express mine either.

They have always been cool with me. All my childhood they were drawn to them, but they kept going until I gave up.

At the age of 18, I was kicked out of the house, allegedly into a dormitory of the institute, they say, then you will live on your own.

They also did not pay for his studies, advised him to go look for a job.

When I got into trouble, they did not come to my aid. Then I was hospitalized with appendicitis, I had to spend my savings on treatment.

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My friends immediately found another neighbor instead of me. I had to move to nowhere and my boyfriend also left me. In other words, you will not spend the night with him. I called my parents.

I remember, sitting at some entrance, I asked the guard where I could drink water. I talked to him and got me a job with a room. I haven’t called my parents since then.

I moved to a part-time job, worked as a janitor, made friends with local grandmothers. One of them taught me everything: housekeeping, cooking.

After graduating from the institute, he took me to live with him. I considered her my grandmother.

But I really did. I graduated from the institute. I also found a fiancé and a good job. I’m going to get married.

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During the wedding in the cafe, the door suddenly opened and my parents entered. With demands.

And why, they wondered, you didn’t tell about the wedding, we had to find out about it from strangers? And what kind of bastard is next to me?

It turns out that my classmate went and told. After security took my parents out, I took her out too.

The grandmother was still surprised: how did they come to her daughter without a wedding gift? But it would be enough for me if they just hugged me, called me a smart girl…

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