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Henry Winkler and his wife have had a fascinating love story that spans decades, although many people are unaware of how it began. After their first meeting, the couple almost didn’t see each other again.

The actor, who rose to prominence for his performance as Arthur Fonzarelli on the television show ‘Happy Days’ has been married to his wife, Stacey, for the past 44 years.

However, the very first date that would eventually lead to them getting married was almost cancelled at the last minute.

Stacey was employed at a public relations business at the time when she and Henry first met.

They had a chance encounter in a clothes boutique that was a customer of her company. Henry had strolled into the shop one day with the hopes of purchasing a sport coat. He made a request for Stacey’s assistance, and she provided it to him.

Henry remembered every little thing about the day he met Stacey, right down to the color of her clothes. He has frequently spoken about the day he realized he had met his future wife. He stated:

‘She had red hair and purple parachute trousers, and I immediately recognized her as a stunning woman before she had uttered a word.

The following week, when I returned to the shop, she was still there. And in just ten minutes, I found out just how strong she is’.

A week later, when Henry went back to the shop to pick up his coat, he proposed to Stacey. She initially balked, but eventually agreed to go out with him. They went out, dated for two years, and moved in far sooner than most people anticipated.

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Even though Stacey was hesitant to go out with Henry at first, they ended up moving in together within weeks.

Two years before the couple’s 1978 wedding, Stacey and her son, who was four at the time, moved in with Winkler.

In the Manhattan synagogue where Henry had his bar mitzvah, Henry and Stacey later were married. Stacey had to deal with all the female attention Henry was getting at the time of their wedding as he was rising in fame.

Stacey claimed she just had to get accustomed to it for Henry’s career’s sake because ladies kept contacting Henry without any concern for her or her children. She uttered:

‘People would practically step over my feet as they rushed up to Henry. You just absolutely wrecked my stockings, I exclaimed once. And the lady responded, ‘But I love Fonzie!’’

While Stacey received little attention from Henry’s followers, she supported her husband as he gained more popularity and his profession grew. When Stacey began experiencing serious health problems, they really ran into trouble.

Stacey received a cancer diagnosis.

Together, Henry and Stacey gave birth to two kids. Both Max and Zoey were born in the 1980s. Stacey had breast cancer by the time Zoey entered college in the late 1990s. Fortunately, she experienced remission quite fast.

Unfortunately, Stacey’s cancer came back in 2007 just a few years after going into remission. Stacey underwent a double mastectomy this time.

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Since that operation, Stacey has been cancer-free, and Henry and she have been in love ever since.

Henry is still as supportive as he was when Stacey was initially diagnosed with the disease all those years ago and is now actively involved in raising awareness of breast cancer.

At the 13th annual In The Pink of Health Luncheon, he spoke as a guest speaker.Funds raised by In The Pink of Health are used to help breast cancer sufferers and their families.

They host a lot of events, and the money they collect stays in Montgomery County, which has several advantages.

The actor has always supported folks battling cancer; he did not start doing so when his wife was given the diagnosis.

In reality, Winkler went to a basketball game featuring all-stars that was organized in 1976 to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The couple endured numerous hardships during their marriage, including loving fans who ignored Stacey and reoccurring illnesses, but they never wavered and are now enjoying a happy and healthy existence.

Henry and Stacey remain in love.

The couple’s love for one another is still as strong as ever, despite having been married for a lot longer than is typical in Hollywood.

They’ve frequently been questioned about their long-lasting marriage.Despite not having a clear plan for a successful, lengthy marriage, they have said that they genuinely like being together.

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James Corden displayed a picture of Henry and Stacey on their wedding day during an episode of ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden.’

Henry remarked to Corden that Stacey was equally as attractive as she had been on their wedding day as he did this.

After so many years, Stacey has also expressed how she feels about her spouse. She posted pictures of her hubby on social media frequently. She posted a picture of Henry on Twitter at the start of October 2018 and wrote:

Additionally, she frequently used Twitter to wish her spouse a happy birthday. They both have birthdays, and each year Stacey compliments her husband by calling him amazing or handsome. Fans adore her Instagram posts.

After 44 years of marriage, Stacey and Henry frequently discuss their struggles and how they overcame them. The pair acknowledges that, despite the difficulties, it has been worthwhile. Stacey fessed up:

‘It does demand effort. There are bumps in the path and times when you feel off balance, but if you have the skill and the perseverance that comes from love, your friendship and relationship will only improve’.

The pair enjoys spending time with their family more than any of their numerous shared interests. Henry stated:

‘Together, fly fishing is fun. Together, we enjoy the grandchildren.Together, going to the movies is fun. Every day, we genuinely enjoy each other’.

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