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Grandpa Gets The Best Surprise At Baseball Game After 500 Miles And Many, Many Tears

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Some people might view traveling more than 500 miles as something that is not really pleasurable to undertake. Even though it’s a long travel, Laura Decker considers it well worth it if it means she’ll get to see and hug her grandpa, whom she refers to as “Papa.”

Recently, Laura made the decision to surprise her grandfather, who is 84 years old and is participating in a baseball tournament. This tournament is extremely significant for her grandfather because it is being hosted in remembrance of her grandmother, who passed away.

A video of Laura and her daughter making their way into the baseball stadium while carefully approaching Laura’s father, who was dressed in his baseball outfit, was captured on camera and shared on various social media platforms. The fact that Laura’s daughter couldn’t resist running up to him prompted him to quickly give her a bear embrace while wearing the brightest smile he could muster.

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The next person to receive a hug was Laura… And in the cutest possible way, Papa’s eyes start welling up with tears as they roll down his cheeks.

We think it’s safe to say that Laura does not have a single regret about driving more than 500 miles to surprise her Papa, and we have a feeling that she would not hesitate to do it all over again if she had the chance!

Below is a priceless exchange that took place between Laura and her father; be sure to watch it and then share it with a friend.

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