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Fried bologna

Fried bologna

*ingredients :

°Cheese Slices
°may mustard
°Fried bologna

*To prepare :

• Spray a frying pan or heat a small amount of oil over medium-high heat. While the skillet is heating, prepare the Paulownia. If you bought bolognese at a deli, you don’t need to remove the red tip, but if you used a Bar S or Oscar Meyer, you will need to remove and discard the red tip. Spread mayonnaise or mustard (or the sauce of your choice) across the buns, and chop up any vegetables you might want to add. Bologna cooks very quickly, so it’s best to prep it before you put it in the pan.
• Once the red edge is removed, toss the bolognese into the skillet. Sizzling like any other sausage. You will soon notice that the center is beginning to appear. Once you notice the bubble cut two X slits in the middle. This will prevent meat from twisting while fry. (Some people like to cut paulownia before the pan. Some even cut slits along the outer edge.)
• Fry the bologna for three minutes on each side over medium heat. The perfect piece of fried bologna is lightly charred, giving it a caramel taste.
– When the bologna is ready, remove it from the pan and place it on a paper towel to catch the grease. You can even stir in bolognese sauce. Then put the bolognese on your bread, top with cheese, and add tomatoes and onions if desired. Grab your favorite potato chips and sink your teeth into this East Texas sandwich.

Enjoy !

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