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For the sake of introducing his daughter to the world, her father made unspeakable sacrifices. It truly was magical.

John Silk, a British guy, lived for the joy of his terminally ill daughter. Despite being a very successful businessman, he gave up everything to show the girl the world.

John’s daughter Vicki has pulmonary hypertension, a serious illness that can result in an early death.

Doctors’ predictions that the girl wouldn’t live to be 15 years old have so far been disproved by Vicki.

The Independent claims that after 13 years of effectively managing a very lucrative firm, John decided to concentrate entirely on Wiki.

He abandoned his investment and began working as a side-by-side school bus driver, which reduced his salary by 90%. He now leads a very basic, frugal life, yet he still has lots of time for his child.

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John’s main objective was to have time to show Vicki the world. supports him in his charitable work with Dreams Come True, a charity that aims to grant the wishes of young people with terminal illnesses.

John and Vicki have already taken 24 trips together, visiting 15 different countries. Vicki enjoys traveling.

Father and daughter visited Thailand, the Caribbean island of Barbados, Florida’s Disney World, Niagara Falls, and other breathtaking places.

Vicki just had a helicopter tour of one of the Hawaiian Islands’ most active volcanoes, which is one of the planet’s most active volcanoes.

‘I only need to see her smile and hear her exhale in devotion. I spend every penny I earn on trips with Vicki. As soon as we return from one, we begin arranging the next one,’ John continued.

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The girl’s father urged other parents, ‘Spend as much time as you can with the child, this time is valuable.’

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