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Everyone was surprised when they found out what this 98-year-old woman actually does when she is alone at home.

Mary Toney is 98 years old. He lives alone and does everything to make the long days happier.

But how happy can the daily life of a lonely old woman be. Mary was getting more and more overcome with melancholy.

But when he started going to the senior center, everything changed. There, the woman easily forgot about loneliness and sadness.

And then one day people from television came to the center. During the filming of the story, Mary felt special and laughed non-stop.

The staff of the institution makes every effort to brighten the lives of the elderly. One of the employees of the center said very touching words.

‘It happens that one of them goes home and does not come back to us because … there is no more.

I always want to be sure that it was the last day of each of them’s life happy. They are people like us. And they are no less important than the younger ones.’

When the film crew asked Mary what she was doing at home, her smile immediately disappeared from her face, and a shadow of sadness and an indelible mark of loneliness appeared on her face.

What can I do? I live alone. A lonely person hears and sees nothing. In the evening I look forward to the next morning to visit this center again.

I like spending my time here. But unfortunately there is no one here on weekends. So at home I grab my old magazines and tear them up.

And then I cut all these layers into small pieces, which I collect in a bag and throw away. I have to do something to keep from going crazy. This monotonous activity distracts me…

Hearing this, the employees of the center could not hold back their tears.After work, they just went home and immersed themselves in their lives.

They have never even thought about how old people spend their time at home, where there is no one else but them.

But Mary does not spare herself. After filming, she thanked the television people for coming and giving her an unforgettable experience.

The woman was visibly excited by such attention. After the film crew left, she stood at the door for a long time and watched them.

It is the attention and all kinds of manifestations of human warmth that Mary appreciates the most.

She believes that the single life is worth living. Care, kindness and love, without them our existence would be unbearable.

Therefore, it is very important to give them to the elderly, because every day can be their last. Perhaps it is your smile that will make them happy and let them forget all their sorrows. Don’t forget about it.

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