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‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star John Schneider Defies Hollywood To Star In Patriotic New Movie

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John Schneider of “Dukes Of Hazzard” fame has long been one of the few stars in Hollywood who is unafraid to be open about his conservative views. He’s now showing that once again, as he defies leftwing Hollywood by starring in a patriotic new movie that defends both free speech and the American flag!

Schneider Talks Patriotic New Movie

In the new movie To Die For, which was made independently without a major studio backing it, Schneider plays a veteran who fights for his First Amendment rights after receiving a court order to keep his American flag-flying truck away from his local high school. This is not the type of movie that gets made in Hollywood these days, which only made Schneider more determined to star in it.

Schneider explained to Fox News that he was drawn to this type of story after seeing an article about a man who was arrested for refusing to take his American flag off his truck.

“[My wife and I] are big supporters of our military and our law enforcement,” he said. “And I thought, ‘now is the time to make a movie about this guy.’”

Schneider knew immediately that this movie would resonate with audiences because he’s seeing “more and more people with the American flag flying from the back of… their pickup trucks.”

“I wanted to make a movie not about that individual guy, but that kind of guy who is willing to go to jail in order to continue to express his First Amendment right of free speech,” Schneider explained.

“The second notion was this movie has got to come out before the midterm elections in 2022… so that it will urge people who are, for some reason, timid or quiet to speak their mind,” he continued. “No matter what, the movie had to come out on Oct. 20 to give enough lead time so that people could see it before voting in November.”

Schneider Knew Hollywood Wouldn’t Touch ‘To Die For’
Schneider knew enough about what modern Hollywood is like that he didn’t even try to approach a studio to get this film made. Instead, he made it himself in just ten months with a crew of under ten people.

“People talk about Hollywood as if it has autonomy,” he said. “Hollywood is a line item on a billionaire globalist spreadsheet, really. So, Hollywood has to basically do what they’re told. I know a lot of people in Hollywood, and I don’t really believe that they are naïve enough to believe a lot of the things that they put forth as truth. But as a very old song used to say, they owe their soul to the company store.”

“You’ve got the celebrity types who… get paid a lot of money, but they’re really doing what they’re told as well,” Schneider added. “So there’s not a lot of room in that model for free thought. There’s not a lot of room in that model for free speech. You really have to work, I believe, outside that model, ’cause that model’s not going to change.”

Schneider made similar comments in another interview last week.

“All the celebrities, God bless their cute little souls, they owe their soul to the company store,” Schneider told Fox Business. “They’re afraid to have independent thought, they’re afraid to say something that’s outside of the consumer norm.”

“I’m not that naive. I know that Hollywood would not support this. Hollywood does not really support anything independent,” he continued. “Their public persona is so narcissistic that they don’t want anyone to know that really all they are is a line-item in some group of billionaires’ investment portfolio.”

The film has only been out for just over a week, but Schneider thinks that the message being put out by the movie is already getting across.

“A friend of mine said all the right people are aggravated,” he said with a laugh. “But all the right people are also encouraged and enthused and invigorated by it. So as we say in the car business, ‘It’s firing on all eight.’”

‘Stop Supporting Things You Disagree With’
Schneider also had some advice for Americans who would like to see more patriotic films be made in Hollywood.

“Stop supporting things you disagree with,” he advised. “If you don’t like what I’m saying right now, then please don’t ever watch another movie of mine or television show or buy another record. Just don’t do it. But if you do, then please support us.”

“If you see some celebrity out there saying something that you just don’t like, then don’t go [watch] their films,” he concluded. “Don’t listen to their music… Support the things you do like and stop supporting things you don’t like. You have the power in your support. They just don’t want you to know it.”

We live in a time where we need patriotic films and television shows more than ever. Here’s hoping that Schneider’s new movie is successful enough that Hollywood studios finally realize that Americans want to see more pro-American movies.

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