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Ding dong cake

Ding dong cake


+ cake

°210 g flour

°200 grams of sugar

°90 g of cocoa powder

°2 c baking soda

° 1 bag of baking powder

°1 teaspoon of salt

°110 grams of oil

°2 eggs

° 2 TB vanilla extract

°200g semi-liquid cream

230 grams of coffee (one cup)

+ cream

° 5 boxes of flour

°100 ml of milk

° 1 case of vanilla extract

°230 grams of butter

°1 packet of sugar

+ ice

°200g of milk chocolate (bar)

°15 cl of fresh cream


+ cake

Preheat oven to oven

Mix all ingredients in a blender for 5 minutes.

Pour into 1 mold or 2 molds.

Bake for 35-40 minutes, inserting the tip of a knife once the dry spring is done.

Take out and leave to cool.

Cake cut in 2.

+ cream

We put the flour with the milk in the saucepan, stir and whisk like béchamel, adding sugar and vanilla extract.

Leave to cool, then beat the cream with a mixer and add butter to beat, like Chatelli.

Decorate the cake and close it.

Melting chocolate and cream.

Pour over cake, smooth, decorate, and chill until ready to serve.

Enjoy !!

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