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Deaf and blind dog reunites her grandpa after a year apart

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When Kristal brought the deaf and blind dog home her father Steve didn’t approve of his daughter’s step. He thought that the dog wouldn’t feel happy.

When Kristal brought the deaf and blind dog home she named her Bitsy. The dog was a 6-weeks-old puppy when Kristal adopted her. And after 5 years not only Kristal but also her father fell in love with the dog.

Steve became the best grandfather for the puppy. Kristal told that he did the grandfather’s tricks and bought various toys and delicious food for Bitsy.

But the lovely grandfather and grandchild had to be separated from each other because of last year’s restrictions. And after a year their reunion was very heart-taking. The deaf and blind but devoted dog recognized her grandfather and jumped to hug him. It was a very touching scene.

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