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Cops Find A Missing Grandma With Dementia And Devise The Sweetest Way To Bring Her Home.

Roberta, a senior citizen, made it a routine to go out her front door, down her driveway, and back inside her home in Charles County, Maryland each and every day. On a Friday in 2016, Roberta went about her day as she normally would; however, when she reached the end of the driveway, she did not turn around but instead continued on her route.

Because Roberta’s daughter and Roberta’s son share a home, the son’s realization that her mother had been absent for an excessively lengthy time prompted the son to make a 911 call. The cops were reassured that they would find her soon after being informed by her daughter that her mother suffered from dementia.

After approximately forty minutes, a handful of cops located Roberta as she was strolling down a trail through the woods close to her residence.

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They pretended to be on a stroll themselves in the hopes of leading the sweet old lady back to her destination without subjecting her to the embarrassment of having to tell her about her error.

Officer Morrison was observed while walking hand in hand with his new companion Roberta, and as a result, they were both apprehended… guiding her slowly into the house.

The photo and caption that may be found below were uploaded by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

“We frequently discuss the benefits of working in law enforcement. On Friday, we were able to seize the moment.

A woman who called 911 to report that her mother, who was 81 years old, was missing prompted the response of law enforcement officers. It appears that her mother left her house to take her regular walk up and down the driveway, but when she didn’t return, things got a little bit terrifying because her mother has dementia. It seems that her mother left her house to do her daily walk up and down the road.

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P. DeBoe, C. Caywood, B. Morrison, Sgt. C. Black, Cpl. C. Clevenger, and Cpl. C. Clevenger’s K9 partner came to the location and immediately began searching the severely wooded area.

After an hour and a half, the woman was discovered.

At first, she was perplexed by the unexpected sight of police officers on the path that was lined with trees, and she inquired as to whether or not the policemen were also out for a stroll. They responded in hushed agreement, “Yes,” considering that it was such a lovely day. After that, she gave off the impression of being relieved and explained that she had gotten lost. Officer Morrison assured the woman that there was no need for concern before gently taking her hand and leading the group of cops in escorting her back to her residence.

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The cops engaged in light conversation with the woman to put her at ease as they were transporting her. The lady’s response when she was questioned about the secret to living a long and healthy life was, “Eat well and remain active.”

Every shift brings a new set of challenges for law enforcement officers. Some good, some not so good. In this particular instance, a terrifying circumstance that the family was in has a happy ending. They expressed their gratitude to you for that. This is the most satisfying aspect of being a police officer for us.

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